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Amusement park to Chad

Amusement park to Chad Alım
We are the ... Co. located in Saudi Arabia - Alkubar. We received an inquiry from our very loyal customers from Republic of Chad - Africa, we have some industrial projects running with them. They asked us to consult, supply & install of Amusement park in Chad on land area of 2 Acres. To be honest & clear with you. we have no idea & no experience in such kind of business but what we believe that the Opportunity is there to learn and to collect some money of it. After what we read about your company & your experience in that field, We are so glad to deal with you and a waiting for your support & partnership to do this job. - list of needs: 1- details about the equipment or games you can offer. 2- number of the equipment we can manage & install in the mentioned area above. 3- time table of your way of dealing contracts, manufacturing, shipping, installation, maintenance, warranties, & etc... 4- of course your best prices & offer.

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